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While the majority of this generation is focused on making music to "turn up" to there's a unique talent focused solely on creating a lane and path that he can call his own. Da Kid K, born Kendall Newsome,  is a twenty-one year old ambitious young man born and raised in Columbia, Maryland, into a single-family household. Determined to become more than a statistic, Da Kid K began pursuing his rap career at the age of twelve with the support of his mother. With drive, determination and support he was able to capture the attention of record executives, local celebrities as well as major blog blog sites. K, credits a performance on the coveted Russ Parr Show to helping him get noticed. He seemed to be living his ultimate dreams into reality. All was short lived when his daughter was born a couple of years ago and his focus shifted towards her. While taking a break he never lost his dying passion for music, he continued to write lyrics and perfect his craft. Realizing music was the one thing he loved in this world besides his daughter, he moved to Miami to restart and refresh his career. While in Miami, he linked up with the renowned #WeTheBest cinematographer Ivan Berrios, where magic was made. Da Kid K is back with a new outlook on life and his career, ready to take the game by storm with his new single, Turn Me On. Let's keep our ears and eyes to the streets, there's a new lane being created and Da Kid K is leading it. 

Meet Da Kid K 

"Music is my passion, my purpose......it heals" - DaKidK 


 Da kid k